SELECT Coach Application 2023/2024 (Clarington Thunder Hockey League)

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This form is to be used only for SELECT Head Coach applications. Please complete all (* required) sections of this form. Assistant Coach, Manager or Trainer volunteers are selected by the Head Coach. The CTHL’s purpose is to provide an environment that allows each player to develop to their fullest potential. Coach selection is critical to this goal. Coaches are chosen by the CTHL Coach Selection Committee based on a number of factors including experience, training, certification, player needs, parent evaluations, attitude, enthusiasm, dedication, history, and CTHL needs.
SELECT Head Coach Application 2023/2024
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  3. If you will be coaching your own child (or a spouse or relative’s child), please note: It is recommended that you choose to coach at a level where your child will be among the top 50% of players on the team. This tends to maximize the experience for the child, and minimize the discontent that often surfaces when the child of the coach is near the bottom of the team’s skill pool.

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  5. *VSCs are mandatory for all bench staff*
  1. All Coaches must conduct themselves in a professional and upstanding manner.

    Coaches are responsible for complete oversight and operation of the team but must not be one of the minimum two signing authorities for the team bank account.

    All team fund raising events are subject to board approval.

    It is the Head Coach’s responsibility to ensure the submission of a Team Budget and a Year End Financial Statement if any external activities are planned. The Team’s initial Budget must be forwarded to all team members and the VP of Administration by October 31st. An updated interim budget must be submitted to all team members and the VP of Administration by December 31st. The team’s Year End Financial Statement must be forwarded to all team members and the VP of Administration by midnight April 15th. Failure to comply will be the loss of coaching privileges.

    The CTHL and the OMHA require that all players be given equitable playing opportunity and ice time. All members of a team’s coaching staff must adhere to this fundamental principle.

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